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We are a group of people who enjoy cigars, and we get together for Meetups, Cigar Herfs and Cigar Events.

Anyone is welcome to join the Phoenix Cigar Club, and there is no fee to join.  If you would like to join the Phoenix Cigar Club click here:  Signup Page

We periodically review cigars, so if you want to read the reviews you can click here: Cigar Reviews

We have much more interaction on our Facebook Page, but if you signup here you’ll receive an email when we have something coming up that you might have an interest in.

Thanks for checking us out.


Peter Hudson


It’s in the books, our first Phoenix Cigar Club Big Smoke was held Saturday, October 17th. Five cigar companies co-sponsored  the event and our members and guests had a great time. Bryan Glynn from Cigar Obsession joined the party via Skype and we had a great time.  See the story and many pictures here. PCC Big Smoke